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Walnut Coin Display

Walnut Coin Display

When one of my sons asked me to build a coin display for him he said that he wanted something unique.  He gave me a  few ideas of what he wanted.  So I started researching what type of displays were currently available. That is when I realized that there was not a display in the shape of the military headquarters ie: the Pentagon. I also noticed that the military had many odd shapes and sizes coins. I wanted the display to be able to accommodate them also.  The  next step was to figure out the design, so I  borrowed an idea  from a  bronze statue base that I built for a local artist and decided that it needed to sit on a swivel that would allow it to turn and that developed the pyramid shape.

I picked walnut wood becouse to me it is very regal  and I wanted the displays to represent this and not be out of a common wood such as pine or oak.

I was very excited to give these to my sons for Christmas and watch them as they opened them.

After having many compliments and request I have a few more I am not sure how many more I will build in this style.


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